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resconsult Residential consultation

The art of Feng Shui is to balance the flow of energy in your surroundings. This introduction of positive energy promotes harmony, happiness and prosperity.



Detailed analysis for your home

--- A complete analysis of your entire house to identify the pros and cons of your space.

--- We would discuss about how problems in your space are blocking you in areas of your life, such as health, wealth, career and relationships. 

--- Recommendations on how you could improve each and every aspects of your life by activating positive energies and suppressing negative energies in your space.

--- Advice on improving the flow of positive energy inside and outside the home.

--- Information of personal Feng Shui for every occupant of the house. This would include which directions benefit your health, wealth, personal growth and which works against you. 

--- Personal Feng Shui would also have information on favorable directions for sleeping, eating and working for the occupants to get better results in life soon.

--- Favorable directions for students or people working from home.

--- Crisp suggestions for furniture placement, color selection and decorative elements that reflect your design taste.

--- Advice on water feature placement.

--- Room by room Feng Shui remedies would be recommended.

--- A comprehensive written report will be provided within 15-20 business days from the date of our consultation. The report will have directives from various schools of Feng Shui i.e.  Form, Compass, 8 Mansion Personal Feng Shui and Flying star school. The report is designed for your home and therefore not two reports are the same.


Our consultation will inspire you to create your own home haven by helping you uncover a un harmonized, uncluttered home that incorporates natural elements and other Feng Shui enhancements that blend beautifully and naturally into your home's design and your life's purpose.

For information on fees and to schedule time please contact us