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happy couple
  • If you are married or in a relationship keep a happy picture of you and your spouse in the southwest corner of your home, bedroom.

  • Never have water or mirror in your bedroom. Sometimes an entire wall is covered by mirror in a bedroom, in that case, it is highly recommended to cover it by drapes in the night. Remove any items from your bedroom that remind you of your work, studies etc.

  • If you are single and want to get in relationship, have a pair of lamp next to your bed, pair of birds and so on.
  • Remove all rubbish, clutter and bad smells from each room in the house and garden as this leads to blockages.

  • Fix damaged, spouting roof tiles or window seals if they or any part of the house looks rundown as this represents a gradual decline in health.

  • Healthy plants, fresh flowers, nice smells and good music attract good energy and lift your spirits.

  • Maintain a good supply of fresh air by opening windows and allowing the air to circulate.


  • Always have pictures which brings happiness to you and your family. Limit modern art, it doesn't give your mind subconsciously anything to focus on and this would minimize the positive energy in your home.

  • Never hang pictures that depict loneliness, pain, desolation or suffering. They are thought-provoking in a gallery or art show, but at home they have a negative effect.

  • Pictures that show family members smiling or having fun together are very good.